A technology that will revolutionize the monitoring of bacterial contamination levels in water

What we do

BactiQuant ensure optimum usage and handling of water around the world to the benefit of our customers and sustainability of our planet.

Bactiquant will be the world leader in mobile and online surveillance of bacterial contamination levels.

We are headquartered in Denmark and operate across five continents.

We are covering a wide range of industries, from pure water to extremely complex industrial water.

Our commitment to the environment

How we work

Bactiquant combines the words “Bacteria” and “Quantify,” as that is what we do. We help you quantify the amount of bacteria in water.

In fact, at BactiQuant, we have made it our mission to deliver technology that ensures optimum water usage and handling worldwide – to benefit our customers’ health, well-being, and sustainability. We are so serious about what we do that we have the vision to become the world leader in mobile and online surveillance of bacterial contamination levels.

BactiQuant contributes to four of UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 6

Goal 6

BactiQuant provides a comprehensive solution for measuring and continuously monitoring bacteria in water supplies, starting from the initial drilling stage and extending all the way to the end consumer.

Goal 9

Goal 9

By measuring and monitoring bacteria in industry water, BactiQuant contributes to increasing water reuse, decreasing the use of biocides, and ensuring measuring and controlling water resources before discharging into nature.

Goal 12

Goal 12

By measuring and monitoring bacteria in water, BactiQuant can ensure reuse and optimal, efficient exploitation of water resources in the industry and society at large. The technology comprises a more responsible and decreased use of biocides.

Goal 14

Goal 14

BactiQuant's measurement and monitoring of bacteria in land-based aquaculture facilities ensure prosperous, safe, and controlled production, reducing ocean fishing & negative impact of sea-based aquaculture.

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