Real-time control

Key features and benefit

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Real-time control

Innovation delivered

Welcome to a new era in water management. Introducing the BQ Online 2.0 PRO, where precision meets efficiency in bacterial monitoring. Discover a system designed not just to cope but to excel in the demanding environments of modern industry. Experience the future of water management—out now.

Key features and benefit

Launching BQ Online 2.0 PRO

Efficiency Unleashed

Streamline your operations with BQ Online 2.0 PRO's automated processes. Reduce manual labor and enhance operational efficiency, achieving significant cost savings and operational reliability.

Precision Sampling

The automated robot sampler of BQ Online 2.0 PRO ensures error-free, consistent sampling every time. With enhanced measurement accuracy, manage your water systems with confidence and precision.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate BQ Online 2.0 PRO with existing GSM/SCADA systems. Enjoy real-time monitoring and control, ensuring your water management is both robust and responsive to your needs.

BactiQuant Profinet and Modbus TCP options
BactiQuant External activation capabilities
BactiQuant Expanded signal exchange capabilities

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Embrace efficiency, precision, and reliability with BQ Online 2.0 PRO—innovation delivered.

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