Real-Time Bacteria Monitoring Applications in Oil & Gas Operations can Help to Prevent and Mitigate Corrosion


Written by: Aurelija Steffensen; Morten Miller; Susan Elleskov; Eric Vilain
Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, USA, October 2022.
Paper Number: SPE-210349-MS
Published: September 26 2022

Controlling bacteria in Oil & Gas ops is crucial for flow assurance and system integrity. Bacteria become more resistant over time, like leveling up in a game. Detecting high-skill bacteria quickly is vital for HSE, corrosion prevention, and efficiency. Traditional methods take too long (24 hours to 28 days). A portable fluorometric technology identifies and monitors bacterial contamination in real-time, helping address issues promptly, such as a failed biocide injection pump.

Paper Number: SPE-210349-MS

Author: M Miller, A Steffensen, S Elleskov, E Vilain

Publication Date: September 2022

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