Field and Laboratory Evaluation of an Automated Bacterial Bioburden Measurement Device


Written by: M. Miller; A. Steffensen; J. Fajt
Paper presented at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, Denver, Colorado, USA, March 2023.
Paper Number: AMPP-2023-19047
Published: March 19 2023

Metal corrosion associated with the growth and reproduction of microorganisms is known as microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). MIC causes damage to metal surfaces in several water-based industries including drinking water distribution, cooling water equipment, sewage treatment, underground pipes, bilges, piping, and tanks of maritime vessels. MIC is extensively seen in the oil and gas industry.

Product Number: 51323-19047-SG

Author: M, Miller, A, Steffensen, J. Fajt

Publication Date: 2023



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