Bactiquant®, which is patented, provides you with a baseline that helps you to quickly identify and respond to any deviations in the water. Bactiquant® consists of:

  • A portable laboratory
  • A high throughput analysis platform for the laboratory operation
  • Bactiquant® Online
  • Software solutions, including an operational limits algorithm
  • An online preventive service programme

Our assay chemistry is very stable and provides high sensitivity with low variation, i.e., a high reproducibility in repeated samples, which you can collect on-site with manual and online solutions.

To make sure you feel confident using Bactiquant®, we will, of course, give you extensive training and on-going support.


The benefits

Essentially, our technology sets a new standard for rapid microbiological test results, providing you with operationally relevant test results, so you can:

  • Recycle water
  • Reduce use of biocides
  • Respond faster and more efficiently to contamination issues
  • Cut the cost of biofouling and biocorrosion, and
  • Ensure stable water quality in all your processes.
  • Establish operational control limits based on a statistical algorithm.

You can apply our online technology to intelligent and remote controlled surveillance systems where digitalisation and data handling increase knowledge and efficacy in water treatment within industries and water distribution companies.

In fact, all industries that rely on controlling water quality will benefit from our technology.

Our five value propositions

We have five essential value propositions to offer you:

  1. Rapid test results. We provide accurate, near real-time test results in minutes that allow you to make risk based decisions, so you can save money as well as the environment.
  2. Stable assay chemistry. Our assay chemistry is so stable that you can run the assay “on location” even under rugged conditions.
  3. Sensitive and robust. The Bactiquant technology is very sensitive. We can handle water samples in the whole range from very clean water to extremely contaminated and complex water types with little or no interference from chemical compounds. A truly unique feature is that the sensitivity can be adjusted in real time when running the assay. In a pollution event this means that you can reduce analysis time to a few minutes
  4. High reproducibility. This makes it possible to establish relevant baselines in the industry and water utilities. In other words, the results have operational value and can be translated into operational decisions.
  5. High repeatability and inter-assay reproducibility. The assay results have a high test-retest reliability and interassay reproducibility. This means that if two technicians were to use two different instruments, they would still get very similar results.

Official seals of approval

We're proud to say that both the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the European Union have vouched for our product in the shape of an USEPA verification and an EU Quality label for first-class technologies worth investing in.


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General information

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