Producing biostable and safe drinking water is essential for water utilities.

In industry, being in control of the process Water quality reduces the potential for production downtime and eliminates the costs associated with fouled products due to introduction of sub-standard Water quality in the production process.


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The coming EU Drinking Water Directive will fundamentally change the way we monitor water quality, shifting focus from regulatory control to a more risk based approach.

The directive, which has been spurred on by the WHO’s official recommendations and guidelines, entails an increased use of operational sensor based online systems that help water distribution companies monitor key audit points in their water supply chain.

For decades, we have all had to rely on random water quality samples and trust that the water running out of our tabs was safe for us to drink. Enter climate change and suddenly water suppliers across geographies face a completely different risk scenario.

With much more frequent cloudburst and large amounts of melting ice and snow, the risk and vulnerability within water supply have increased, highlighting an urgent need for remote controlled surveillance that can help us safeguard our drinking water resource.

Our Bactiquant® technology helps you to be proactive, so you can adopt a risk based approach in your water supply and effectively manage your resources to the benefit of the end consumer.

In fact, we have years of experience delivering field equipment to a privately owned Danish utility company named TREFOR and helping them monitor their water quality, train their staff, and support scientific projects on water stability. In November 2020, TREFOR implemented our Bactiquant® technology at their waterworks and at key audit points in their network.

In our latest water utility project we have been helping a major privately owned Danish water utility, Trefor, with the implementation of the Bactiquant online technology in key audit points of their network. The project includes training and support of Trefor staff and is the first large scale project in Denmark that implements online technology for monitoring bacterial levels in a risk based approach to monitoring drinking water quality.

“At Novafos we work around the clock to supply more than 400,000 consumers with safe and clean drinking water. The Bactiquant technology comes in handy, as it provides us with a near real-time analysis result that allows us to quickly assess whether the water quality in our water works and distribution system is bacteriological stable, or if we need to take action. Over the years we have found the technology to be a robust and reliable tool in our water safety plan.”
Rikke Rahbek Jensen, Team leader – water and project planning, Novafos A/S