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Understand the microbiology in wastewater

BactiQuant water is a rapid technology for near real time monitoring of water for bacterial contamination, both aerobic and anaerobic. Fast, on-site results provide the ability to characterize biocide effectiveness, evaluate the biostability of the water, and monitor the microbiology that may cause corrosion, souring or fouling.

Results can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes with a sensitivity < 100 cfu/ml. The technology is applicable across a broad range of water types and sources and the analysis is not compromised by the presence of chemicals, tannins, algae, clays or other materials


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Today the oil and gas industry uses a wide range of chemicals to maintain the production flow of the wellbore. Biocides are one of the most commonly used chemicals to control the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms in the wellbore, as they effectively treat bacterial metabolisms, such as acids, scales, slime, and poisonous gases. Biocides are also useful to prevent biocorrosion.

Fortunately, our technology can help the oil and gas industry keep their use of biocides to a minimum. In fact, one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea has documented a 60% reduction in their use of biocides thanks to our technology.

The US Corrosion Innovation Award

For several years, we have been cooperating with the world’s largest service company for oil and gas production, Schlumberger. In 2017, Schlumberger received the ‘US Corrosion Innovation Award for a monitoring tool based on our Bactiquant technology.

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