BactiQuant offer an online solution, which promptly quantifies the content of bacteria in water systems. BactiQuant online can be implemented at critical control points throughout the water system network in industries, water utilities and aquaculture production facilities.

The online system is easily integrated in any water system and can be commissioning in a matter of hours. The online system can analyze and report the results up to 12 times per day (24 hours).

The unique combination of handheld and online technology provides an unprecedented comprehensive capability to react and follow up on water quality deviations in a wide range of water types.


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These days industries across the globe are pouring billions of dollars into preventing corrosion and biofouling. To play it “safe”, many tend to use exorbitant amounts of biocides without knowing for a fact if they’re even necessary.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to apply much more targeted treatment schemes and improved risk management? Not to mention monitoring critical control points, getting the dosage of chemistry just right, and adjusting treatment processes in a much more sophisticated way?

Well, we can help you do that.

With our technology you will get an operational, near real time monitoring tool that will enable you to detect deviations from the normal water quality and take immediate action, so you can quickly correct the performance of your system and prevent excessive bacterial growth before it is too late.

Not only will Bactiquant® help you save large sums of money, but our technology will also help you gain a greener profile.

All industries that rely on controlling water quality will benefit from our technology

The recycling of water is an emerging market driven by limited resources, new environmental regulations and increasing water prices. While industries are increasingly aware of their responsibility and their effect on the environment, many are looking for ways to reduce their water footprint, and it is becoming increasingly important to monitor recycled and reused water to ensure an outstanding water quality.

To give you a real life example, take one of our clients, Samsung Engineering. At Samsung they’re in the process of implementing our Bactiquant® online technology in a new bio filter system concept that can help them to significantly reduce the ecological footprint caused by their production of electronics.