If you’re in the aquaculture business, you’re already painfully aware of the high biological and financial risk associated with landfarming. Simply put, if disaster strikes, you risk a high fish mortality.

Traditionally, it hasn’t been feasible for aquaculture businesses to actively keep an eye on the microbial water quality because the right technology hasn’t been available or due to relatively small production systems. However, as fish production has now become industrialized, the need for water surveillance that can reduce biological and financial risk is greater than ever.

This is where we come in.

Compared to other methods, our Bactiquant® technology provides you with high specificity and doesn't get any outside noise when looking for deviations in your water quality.

As a testament to this, you’ll find that our list of clients includes Atlantic Sapphire, Scottish Seafarms, and Acuinova, Europe's largest land-based turbot farm. You can read some of their testimonials by clicking here.