“Samsung Engineering has been using the Bactiquant technology for the past two years to provide an important performance parameter that has not been available before for monitoring stability in a complex biological system. The technology has made a significant contribution to our engineering solution and we are satisfied that we can use this technology in future operations."
Dr. Jinwook Chung, Principal Engineer, Environmental Technology Development Center, Samsung Engineering.
”Bactiquant is a great tool for our field technicians, not only for verification of hygiene level, but also to do on site diagnostics on contaminated systems. Instead of waiting days for results, we can proceed and act while on site and make sure that the system is safe, when we leave the customer. We have successfully been using the Bactiquant test equipment since 2006 and have more than 90 certified users throughout our organization in Europe and North America. This saves us a lot of money and time every year, and - best of all - our customers are happy and feel safe.”
Henning Kjaer Hansen, Quality Manager, Condair A/S
“Bactiquant is a routine analysis method used at our facilities and is a precious tool to help with our decision-making process. Since we started using Bactiquant, our system understanding has become much more efficient as we can identify critical points quickly and accurately, which allows early intervention and helps us control diseases associated with bacterial outbreaks.”
Renata Serradeiro, CEO, Acuinova, Oxy Capital
“We are currently testing the Bactiquant technology in our Hvide Sande facility and have found the technology to be robust and simple in use. The data generated until now looks very interesting and has the possibility to work as a tool that can help us investigate the “black box” of microbial dynamics in our system. We have decided to initiate an in-house validation of the fully automated Bactiquant online system with a view to implementing the technology as an operational monitoring tool in our future operations."
Tanja C.K. Sørensen Deputy Managing Director. Atlantic Sapphire produces Bluehouse raised salmon, Atlantic Sapphire
“At Novafos we work around the clock to supply more than 400,000 consumers with safe and clean drinking water. The Bactiquant technology comes in handy, as it provides us with a near real-time analysis result that allows us to quickly assess whether the water quality in our water works and distribution system is bacteriological stable, or if we need to take action. Over the years we have found the technology to be a robust and reliable tool in our water safety plan.”
Rikke Rahbek Jensen, Team leader – Water and Project Planning , Novafos