Bactiquant is a combination of the words “Bacteria” and “Quantify”, as that is what we do. We help you quantify the amount of bacteria in water.

In fact, at Bactiquant we have made it our mission to deliver technology that ensures optimum water usage and handling around the world – to the benefit of our customers’ health, well-being, and sustainability. We are actually so serious about what we do that we have a vision to become the world leader within mobile and online surveillance of bacterial contamination levels.

To realise our vision, we have decided to get listed on the Firth North stock exchange in early 2021 with the objective to attract USD4 million from investors, so we can grow our salesforce and increase our market shares in North America, Europe, and Asia.

By 2024 we expect to have increased our turnover to USD14 million.

By 2024 we expect to have increased
our turnover to USD14 million.

It all began in 1998...

Although Bactiquant as a company didn’t come into existence until December 2020, our story began at the University of Copenhagen back in 1998 when Dr. Morten Reeslev and Dr. Morten Miller – who were then young researchers – founded Mycometer.

Initially, they focused their work on developing rapid methods for quantifying mould in buildings. In 2006, they used the same technological platform to develop methods for quantification of bacteria in the indoor environment and in liquids. This was the year our core product Bactiquant® was born.

Over the years it grew apparent that Mycometer had turned into two separate business areas, indoor climate and water analysis, and that strategically it would make much more business sense to split the company into two, allowing each business to fully exploit the many market opportunities out there. As a result, we established Bactiquant in December 2020.